Children English Learning

3 Effective CELPIP Preparation Tips

There are many different ways that people can learn English. Some people learn English as children, and some people learn it as adults. People who learn English as children usually learn the language more easily than adults. There are quite a few good
reasons for that. First and most importantly, children’s language acquisition part of the brain is still flexible and open to any input. As children approach puberty, that part of the brain hardens, and second language acquisition becomes more difficult. Secondly, children are open to new things and naturally curious to a new language environment. They are not afraid to take risks and get judged. People who learn English as adults usually have more difficulty learning the language. One of the main reasons for this is that adults have already developed their own language system. In order to learn a new language, they must first break down their old language system and rebuild it using the new language. This is called learning English grammar, a process many learners find difficult and tedious process.

In short, if you are looking to teach English to your child, who is a speaker of other languages, ditch the same processes and methods you’re using to teach yourself English. They are not going to be effective, and in fact, they could be quite harmful to
your child’s perception of a new language. Read Write Think, a tutoring practice located in Vaughan, Ontario, will have some better solutions for your child’s education. A language program of online tutoring will be gaged to your child’s needs, level, ability and language perception unique to their stage of development.

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