CELPIP Skills Assessment


Take advantage of a 1:1 session with a trained CELPIP specialist to assess all of your skills and give you a rough estimate of what you would score if you decided to take your CELPIP test today.

Book your class now and we will get back to within 24-hours to schedule a time convenient for your class.

Assessment of skills
CELPIP Skills Assessment


Many test takers wonder how long it would take them to achieve a desired CELPIP score.

The assessment of skills for CELPIP test is a perfect way to ease into your preparation course and receive an estimate of your skills after a 1:1 class with a tutor.

Expect to listen, read, write and speak in your class to obtain an approximate score of four skills. The tutor will also be able to make a suggestion on how many classes you need to take to prepare for the exam and to attain the desired score. If you have never tried a CELPIP test before, this is a wonderful way to learn more about your set of language skills.

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