Why Take CELPIP Preparation Program?

Why Take CELPIP Preparation Program?

There is no denying that every exam requires thorough preparation, no matter how familiar with the material you are. You might know how to speak the language, but testing might be another beast that will value the aspects you’ve never focused on before: eloquent academic arguments, picky vocabulary, comprehension of elaborate texts. To crack the code of what is needed to succeed and pass the tests, some choose self-study, while others prefer professional guidance throughout the testing process.

When choosing between self-study and a professional-led preparation program, there are a few factors you might consider:

The stakes. If passing the exam is crucial for your academic success, career development, or personal goals, then the quality of your preparation will define your future.

The time you have for preparation and the level you are currently at. When the time is short, and there is a lot of work to do to reach the highs you’re aiming for, you must carefully plan your studies and be mindful of what you can and cannot achieve on your own.

The level of knowledge you have about the test’s specifics and strategies for acing it. Luck favors the prepared, and the best way to ensure your success is to create an efficient plan that will ensure you will achieve your goals.

The price of a professional-led program. Quality help tends to be priced accordingly, but there are always affordable options on the market – the only question is which one of these options is most compatible with your preferences and goals.

For most people, professional guidance is a preferable option when it is available. Self-study means you must first dedicate hours, days, or even weeks of your life to researching the specifics of the test, studying tips to perform well on it, and developing your strategy. Only after this exhausting run can you start learning the actual material you will be tested on – otherwise, if you skip the previous step, you will not know what the expectations are and how you can meet them.

This is where professional guidance comes in. First of all, professionals know everything there is to know about the test: what are the elements which guarantee high scores, which ones are more important than the others, what people tend to fail at, how to avoid common mistakes, and more. Secondly, they are experienced teachers who know how to tailor the studying process to the students’ needs, create an optimal level of difficulty, support students’ motivation and help them stay on track. With a good teacher, learning is engaging and efficient.

At least, this is what we believe in – the values we work by and the standards we uphold.

Our CELPIP Preparation Program is designed to be the most efficient and enjoyable use of your time. Together with you, we create and follow in-depth skills-building strategies for each component of the CELPIP Test – listening, reading (receptive skills), writing, and speaking (productive skills). Our teachers bring their many years of experience and successful track record of helping people pass the test with flying colors to figure out what works best for you and how we can make sure you excel.

Our CELPIP Preparation Programs

CELPIP bundle


Expertly crafted educational materials that will help you to prepare yourself for CELPIP test. Educational materials for CELPIP writing, speaking, reading and listening sections.

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CELPIP Tests Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Take advantage of studying with a professional tutor online and develop test-taking skills for CELPIP, CAEL and Canadian Citizenship tests. We will teach you how to get maximum results!

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Assessment of writing skills

Online Tools

Use our interactive tools to assess your writing and speaking skills before taking CELPIP test. Take advantage of the speaking modelling videos according to your desired level.

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